Supershow Down

Gracious Tuei


Entertainment in this epoch is more than just having fun and feeling amused. Unlike in the past, entertainment is nowadays in many forms. Entertainment is found almost everywhere.

Everyone has different perceptions about entertainment. Some even make an income out of it. Others see it as a way of passing their time or for relaxation.

Entertainment has many uses and advantages. Professional entertainers earn a living by entertaining in various fields, for instance, musicians who sing in a band and acrobats. Such people have expertise in their work and it is noticeable that most of them are committed in what they do.

People also gain knowledge from entertainment. They know more about that which they already have in mind and also they get awareness about what they have no idea about. Through this, the audience is able to keep healthy thoughts in their minds. Furthermore, entertainment also keeps the audience relaxed and in good moods. Relaxation of the mind is necessary to settle down the mind and keep out of stress and issues bothering them.

On the other hand, mature audience can ignore what they think is wrong from entertainment. The immature ones are disadvantaged because they can pick up unnecessary thoughts or behaviors from the same. For instance, through entertainment channels or sites that show vulgarism, horror movies to young audiences and pornographic stuff.


Diamond’s Mega Bash

Sheila Kavai


It’s going to be fun at Thika Mega launch on 5th Saturday December 2018 from 6pm till dawn, where we’re going to have an amazing performance from your favorite local music artists such as; masterpiece, David wonder, and Samidoh. You’ll also get to laugh your lungs out thanks to the amazing best comedian Dr. Ofweneke himself. And finally the main reason we’re having this amazing concert is because we’ll be hosting the Crème de la Crème, the king himself from Tanzania Diamond Platinum. Don’t miss out. Grab your tickets at your nearest Naivas supermarket and Best lady around you. Regular tickets @ ksh. 1000; VIP tickets @ ksh. 2000.

Thinking ahead

nadiah's blog

Nadiah Riungu

We all have plans for the future as well as the picture we want for our lives. This although does not happen until we take the first step to executing the plan. Investment has become a major breakthrough for alot of people. It does not only assure richness but also wealth. Investment has helped some people out and put them in a certain state in society.

On 15th December 2018 the investment affair is about to get down. Big investors such as Chris Kirubi, Olive Gachara and Anerlisa will be presented to give out talks on how to set the bar in the investmment world. Every age group is also accommodated in the programme as we believe that there is no age restriction in investment. The issues and risks associated with investment will also be discussed.

Lets all meet in Two Rivers mall and learn how to be our own bosses and create employment for our country instead of relying on employment. Tell a friend to tell a friend and together let us choose bright lifestyles in future.


Uefa is back

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The UEFA champions league is back with a bang. The last two group qualifications start on Tuesday with Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man city, Liverpool, PSG and many more come to clash with eyes on the price.

The biggest match this week will be between Liverpool versus Paris Saint Germain on Wednesday at the PARC Des Princes, France. Other matches include Lyon vs Man city, Barcelona take on PSV Eindohven, Real Madrid squares it with Roma in Spain and Manchester united meet their threat Valencia.

The UEFA Champions league is the most competitive sport in Europe with Real Madrid lifting the trophy three consecutive times. They are the all time most decorated club in terms of trophies.

Catch all actions live on Supersport, your world of champions for the beautiful game.

IMAX Annual Celebration

Bradley Malit



IMAX in coordination with Hulu, coca cola and safaricom has come up with a better way to say a thank you to their esteemed customers. This annual event which is schedule to take place this Saturday, has a lot in store for their fans. It will not only be about tickets but there will be also other gift hampers for the early birds.

There will be some bit of learning on how to download the newly application for IMAX, which will make it easier for the viewers to get updates on latest movies. In conjunction with safaricom it has offered a one month free viewing for new subscribers who will also be able to save offline the movies and watch later.

There will be lots of fun for the gamers, there will be a FIFA tournament and free drinks to everyone courtesy of coca cola. To the main agenda of the day on how to get these free ticket, simply come with your phone, download the Imax application found on both apple store and play store, simply subscribe to it depending on the kind of duration you want, be it daily, weekly or monthly.

Guest stars will be the famous Michael B Jordan well known as the Kill monger and Lupita nyong’o who both starred in Black Panther. They will be hanging out too at the Uhuru gardens, don’t miss out on this epic event, come have some free photo shoot with these celebrities and enjoy this kind of event that comes once in a life time.




























Events survey


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Social events are the best way of relaxation and having fun in the world. Most people’s lives revolve around it. Through this social media events one gets to interact with different people from all walks of lives and even get to learn new things apart from having fun.

I conducted a survey on people about their events. The list included karaoke night, concert, cinema and all the above. Karaoke night had 14/57 while concert had 17/57, cinema had 14/57 and in all the above 12/57.

It is evident that most people are into concert than Karaoke and cinema. I totally agree with this since concerts contain a lot of activities, it is not only limited to one thing. While others are singing there is a showcasing of fashion, food and other things one can think of. Through this many people get to attend.

Survey on favourite sport

screenshot_2018-11-25-20-52-39.pngDenis Onyango

Sports are one of the most interesting activities in the world. At least everyone takes part in this activity either as a fun or player .We have numerous sports in the country including football rugby, hockey , tennis and many others.

I managed to conduct a survey on a hundred people to choose the best sport in a list including football, rugby,basketball and tennis. In this survey, all respondents gave their ideal truth and I managed to attain the above data, with football having greatest support of 53 out of 100 responses , basketball 20 out of 100 responses, rugby 18 out of 100 responses and tennis 9 out of 100 responses totaling to 100.

From the above, it is evident that football have the largest fan base followed by basketball , rugby and tennis respectively. The survey however did not include each individual’s team that they enjoy watching.